View the “Diamond Fuji,” from the Sky Deck

The rare spectacle known as “Diamond Fuji,” where the sunset crosses behind the peak of Mt. Fuji and sparkles like a diamond can be viewed from the Sky Deck.
Aratani Ryoichi, the official photographer for Tokyo City View is also planned to be present to offer one-point advice on photographing “Diamond Fuji,” for those who request it. This is the perfect location to photograph the grand Mt. Fuji and the darkening Tokyo skyline as the sun sets, over a sweeping 360-degree panoramic view.

View the “Diamond Fuji”

Date & Time
Sunset (around 5:00 p.m.), February 8 [Thu], 2018
* Although the Sky Deck may be closed for safety reasons in the event of bad weather (such as rain, strong winds or fog), the indoor observation deck will be open on the 52nd floor for viewing “Diamond Fuji.”
* Please come to Sky Deck during hours to join.
Tokyo City View

One-point advice on photographing “Diamond Fuji” by Aratani Ryoichi, the official photographer of Tokyo City View

Conducted in Japanese

Please visit the Sky Deck while this event is held. Reservations are not required - anyone is welcome.

Time: 16:30-16:45 (approx.)
Booking Period
2018.2.8 [Thu] - 2.8 [Thu]
Tokyo City View Rooftop Sky Deck (Rooftop, Mori Tower)
* Note that admission tickets to Tokyo City View/Sky Deck (Adult 2,300 yen) are required.
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