2022.1.28 [Fri] - 3.25 [Fri]

For many years, Umezz Kazuo has produced a great number of outstanding manga works that have made a name for him in history.
Umezz’s works reflect a prophetic world view and vision that cannot be fully explained by the existing field of manga.
This unprecedented exhibition focuses on Umezz’s unparalleled artistry and expresses the world of Umezz Kazuo along with up-and-coming artists through his masterpieces.
And the biggest highlight is the first public release in 27 years of the new work titled ZOKU-SHINGO Small Robot Shingo Museum, which he spent four years producing. In this exhibition, you will see 101 original works as a series of pictures, not as manga.
How did the artist Umezz Kazuo come to existence...? What is he trying to convey through his work? Now, enjoy the incredible artwork of the artist Umezz Kazuo fully, which transcends the boundaries of a manga artist.

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