Play and interact with this exhibition - a fusion of “nightscape,” “gaming spaces” and “technology”!

2018.1.12 [Fri] - 1.31 [Wed]

Enjoy playing interactive games at the hands-on exhibition, “PLAY! SPACE INVADERS” at the Tokyo City View, Observation Deck of Roppongi Hills.

The world’s first opportunity to enjoy playing Space Invaders with 10 persons at a time on the Observation Deck!

"Space Invaders Gigamax"

Get swept up in the interactive experience of game play, projected onto the 7-meter by 15-meter window surface on the Observation Deck! Shoot down the endless hordes of invaders with friends, family or your date for the evening against a backdrop of the glistening city lights of Roppongi!

* This projection mapping games will begin from sunset (after 17:30).


Megaflare-sized fun! Groove with the beat, in time with the lights and sound!

"Bahamut Disco featuring Space Invaders"

Shoot down the invaders that attack in rhythm with special music in a powerful 450-degree video box along with the beat in this interactive musical attraction.
Up to 4 persons can enjoy this dynamic and extra-dimensional play space.


Climb up and whack the invaders!


This game is a mashup of the currently popular sport of bouldering with projection mapping, for a completely new interactive attraction.
The rules are simple! Climb up the invaders that appear on the massive 180-inch climbing wall, and whack ‘em! Visitors from children on up who have never bouldered or played Space Invaders before can enjoy this attraction.


Let’s have a good time together!


An exciting, interactive game played by moving your body on the projected virtual field! Enjoy the easy play of kicking the ball with your feet with family and friends.
Get down to the virtual field, combine the power of everyone as you face the large group of invaders spreading out in front of you!


About “Space Invaders”

“Space Invaders” was a commercial video game machine planned, developed and marketed by Taito Corporation in 1978, which was a huge hit worldwide that spawned the video game boom. The Space Invader character is also Taito’s corporate character, and the animated characters in the game are now widespread in a multitude of places in and outside of Japan. These characters have been used in collaborations from MoMA exhibitions to high-class fashion brands such as Anya Hindmarch, and are adored around the world even today.

©TAITO 1978, 2017

Taito is the sole authoritative licenser of the Space Invaders game and characters both in Japan and overseas, and holds all intellectual property concerning the game including copyrights and trademarks.
TAITO, the TAITO logo and Space Invaders are trademarks or registered trademarks of Taito Corporation in Japan and other countries.
© TAITO 1978, 2017

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