Play and interact with this exhibition - a fusion of “nightscape,” “gaming spaces” and “technology”!

2018.1.12 [Fri] - 1.31 [Wed]

The 40th Anniversary of the “PLAY! SPACE INVADERS EXHIBITION”

“Space Invaders” stormed into the video game market in 1978 and subsequently took over Japan. Now, this game is invading the Tokyo City View at the height of Roppongi Hills, at a scale larger than ever!

This hands-on exhibition lets you enjoy interactive games with the theme of “PLAY! SPACE INVADERS,” centered on “Space Invaders Gigamax.”
An exhibition that unravels the history of Space Invaders, along with a limited-time café will be open in the event area. Visitors familiar with the game from the past, along with those who have never heard of Space Invaders can all enjoy this game in a fresh new way from different angles.

Taito is the sole authoritative licenser of the Space Invaders game and characters both in Japan and overseas, and holds all intellectual property concerning the game including copyrights and trademarks.
TAITO, the TAITO logo and Space Invaders are trademarks or registered trademarks of Taito Corporation in Japan and other countries.
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