Our Countermeasures against the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) [Please Read Prior to Your Visit]

2020.6.4 [Thu]

Please see “Health and Safety” for the latest information.

Tokyo City View is now taking various countermeasures against the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in consideration of the health and safety of our patrons and staff members. Temperature checks and mandatory mask wearing (for all visitors) are among the efforts we deploy.
We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in advance.

Upon-Entry Temperature Check [All Visitors]
• We conduct initial temperature checks with an infrared thermal camera first, followed by a quick check by thermometer for every visitor.
• Entrance into facilities will NOT be permitted if you have a temperature exceeding 37.5°C (99.5°F).
How You Can Help
• Maintain physical distance.
• Wear a mask (to cover your mouth and your nose).
• Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.
• Kindly note we are now limiting the number of people per elevator. Also, please refrain from talking, touching the walls and leaning on the wall while in the elevators.
• Refrain from entering the facility if you are concerned with your physical condition or do not feel well.
• Immediately notify the nearby staff member if you suddenly feel ill and/or your physical condition worsens.
Our Efforts
• We limit the number of people in our facility in consideration of the health and safety of our patrons. Depending on the situation, there may be cases where admission requires an advance booking, or where numbered tickets are issued and distributed in order to control traffic.
• Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance that visitors are welcome to use.
• We have installed acrylic partitions on the counters to further reduce the chance of infection.
• Contactless payment is recommended. We use money trays for any monetary/ticket exchanges.
• We have made it mandatory for our staff members to wear masks, and for some to apply face shields when providing services.
• We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection with alcohol. Automatic hand dryers in the restrooms are unavailable for use.
• An anti-virus coating has been applied to surfaces that are frequently touched.
• We control of ventilation as appropriate.
• All of our staff members are reminded to check their temperature daily, gargle, wash and sanitize their hands frequently so as to stay mindful of their own health condition.

It is recommended to install “COCOA - COVID-19 Contact App.”

Tokyo City View has been approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a facility that takes various preventive measures against the proliferation of COVID-19. We are determined to proactively continue making the effort so that all of our patrons would feel at ease visiting and using our facility.

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